A Startling Revelation of the Past
About the Author

   Having been saved for 41 years, Pastor Euresti has spent more than half of those years in Christian ministry. His studies include systematic theology, public school education as a certified teacher, and counselor. The counseling includes both school counseling and drug abuse counseling. His mounting frustration with never ending debates on the subject of the Trinity has led him to years of research. Investigation into respected historical sources would uncover the hidden mystery of Philo’s Trinity.

"In this manuscript, the author uses historical facts to show the 'true history of the Trinity.' Through the presented evidence, the text disproves the idea of God being a Triune God. The author shows heavily researched evidence that early Christians in the Second and Third Centuries were not Trinitarians. The infiltration of Trinitarian thought in Christianity is exposed. The text asserts that the only truths about God can be found in the Holy Bible. This work may appeal to readers interested in theology." Dorrance Book Evaluation of Major Mistakes by Trinitarian Thinkers Pastor Raul Euresti Jr., M. ED
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